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Traditional vs. Tactical Laser Tag

traditional laser tag equipment versus tactical laser tag equipment

When speaking with new laser tag developers, the topic of indoor traditional tag vs. this new genre of adult tactical laser tag comes up…

In reality, I think both systems have equal opportunity when it comes to financial success. The tactical gear is typically 1/2 the price of the traditional vested equipment, and offers an equal amount of games and customization (if not more) along with a list of simple to learn and play games. Generally there are two pieces, tagger and either headset or vest (or both) connected via bluetooth. Traditional vested is a single piece of hardware, with both the vest and the tagger playing as one.

Because of this independence of the gun and headset, along with a more aggressive design, tactical tends to feel and play more realistic, like a real gun in your hands vs. what can sometimes feel like more of a younger kids system with “phaser and vest” – thereby appealing to a broader demographic of both kids and adults.

With some tactical suppliers the goal is to create real weapon, realistic combat gear. Personally I am fine with it, but with the sensitivity to guns in the news, I think it can be a little harsh and may be a turn off for some (mostly mothers) parents. 

SMART - Mainstream Appeal

We are North American distributors for Netronic (by lasertag.net) and our tactical equipment has been designed to have an aggressive edge to it, looks cool, great ergonomics and playability, while still keeping it mainstream appeal.

The biggest difference between the two as mentioned above is cost. Tactical gear hasn’t been around quite as long, and comes from an outdoor adjunct for paintball fields, and originally was very basic, flimsy plastic, or heavy metal hardware with poor network connection. This is no longer the case (at least with our manufacturing), tactical gear is both indoor and outdoor and has come a long way in robust software, network with resilient hardware and arena/field components and devices. 

Traditional tag manufacturers tend to blow it off as a cheap non-starter lacking features, which again, may have been true 7-8 years ago and still may be for some lower quality systems. Generally, this disparage happens with product and services when a newcomer becomes a disruptor and a viable threat to market share.

Multi-Purpose Hardware

What’s really cool about our gear, is that both systems, vested (Galaxy Eclipse) and tactical (Falcon) use the same software application and arena devices, meaning they can both be used in the same game. As an old laser tagger, this is huge because it allows for all kinds of really cool games with different roles, different weapons (including multiple virtual weapons) and arena challenges. Great for groups, teams and team building… and a long term path for updates and upgrades. This is the basis of our turnkey ARENA-X laser tag experience. 

I think the biggest misconception is that tactical is strictly an adult game environment, and certainly that can be true, and while not really appropriate for the very young (5-7 year olds), a well designed, edgy tactical experience has a much broader appeal when it comes to market demographics.

As we like to say, an 8 year old is excited to play in an adult arena, but not generally the other way around. Especially with today’s gamer demographic, and their out of home entertainment expectations.

For indoor operators, an added opportunity for the outdoor/mobility and functionality of the tactical system, opens up some marketing advantages and additional revenue opportunities, that can all filter back to the bricks and mortar location.

understanding the difference between traditional and tactical tag
operating software for laser tag centers with falcon or galaxy equipment.

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