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Tactical Laser Tag Equipment

Tactical Role Playing Laser Tag

Take your laser tag attraction to a whole new level, with the integration of ARENA-X

Based on either Galaxy or the Falcon laser tag game kits, S.M.A.R.T. laser tag and ARENA-X have created a unique set of Mission based, role-playing games that are exciting to play, easy to setup and simple for your guests to understand and have fun.

Create unique team challenges along with evolving game play that fill the slower weekdays and evenings with a dedicated group of members and repeat players.

indoor laser tag arena by arena-x

Vested vs. Tactical Laser Tag

When it comes to planning your laser tag business, there is one big decision that needs to be made first; Vested Traditional, or Tactical laser tag.

Let us summarize these two systems for a better idea of what makes sense for your business.

Traditional vested laser tag is the more common and familiar type of laser tag, usually played in arenas with dim lighting, fog machines, and an exciting sound track. The players wear vests with sensors and multiple LED’s that detect and light-up in various patterns when tagged by an opponent. The taggers are usually shaped like phasers and have on-board control or touch sensitive screens and features. Vested systems are best used for a younger demographic with fun games for solo and team play, however some systems tend to lack a degree of realism in ergonomics and game play.

Tactical laser tag is a newer and more realistic type of laser tag, usually played in outdoor fields or urban settings with natural or artificial obstacles. The players wear headbands or lighter combat type vests with sensors that detect when they are hit by the infrared beams from the opponents’ gear. The equipment offer an older design esthetic, and have advanced controls and features such as recoil, on-board sound effects, and scopes. The game objectives are more mission based, or scenarios that involve teamwork, strategy, and communication, offering challenging, immersive, and competitive fun for all ages, but attractive more so for older players.

Previously tactical systems were the sole domain of outdoor fun. However, that is no longer the case – tactical offers the indoor operator a great choice as a primary system, or in the case of S.M.A.R.T. can be played as a cross-over arena experience that includes both types of game play.

As you can see, tactical and traditional laser tag have different advantages and disadvantages depending on your preferences. If you want a casual and fun game that is easy to play and suitable for everyone, you might prefer traditional laser tag. If you want a more intense and realistic game that requires skill and coordination and appeals to a broader range of players, you might prefer tactical laser tag.

Check out a few sample missions below...

laser tag mission over the fence with mechano


You and your team are new recruits in the Battle of Okenos. The Company has hired your group of misfits and militia to protect the new water mining operations on the planet. Rebel leaders have expanded their hit and run tactics and it’s up to you guys to flush them out and extract their combat will by any means possible. Good luck agents.

new laser tag mission for COM officer


Okenos rebels have changed tactics and are advancing on Secondary locations. Better intel is required. As COM Officer, you are responsible for all mission communications. We need you and your team to gain access to the rebel communications network. Find a way to breach the computer core and hack their mainframe to retrieve command codes and gain access to their network. Good luck agents.

code talker laser tag mission with prince


An enormous amount of radio chatter has been detected transmitting off-planet. The Company is concerned that the rebels are acquiring additional forces. As Engineer, we need you and your team of specialist to disable their transport hub. However, to maintain operations, collateral damage must be kept to a minimum. Good luck agents.

New missions, and mission updates are frequent, and can be downloaded direct to your arena. For flexibility of story and the evolution of the games over the long term, arena themes and themeing are specific to the missions.

ARENA-X and SMART Laser Tag Games and Mission add a new layer of excitement to your laser tag arena. A live gamer experience that attracs an older demographic to fill those slower weekdays and evenings.  For a complete review and a getting started guide, please contact us at your convenience.