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Professional Laser Tag Guns

PROfessional laser tag guns and equipment for adventure gaming.

PROfessional Laser Tag Guns

The FALCON line of laser tag guns, are a solid choice for both outdoor and indoor laser tag operations and offer a premium user experience.

The Falcon F2 PRO Tactical is not just a laser tag gun, but when combined with the NETRONICS software, a very sophisticated Gamer Device.  The gun incorporates a variety of gamer focused engineering;

  • Simulated Recoil
  • Hit feedback notification
  • Professional class IPS screen
  • Dual batteries
  • Custom made, high-quality sound sets
  • On-board secondary weapons
  • Picatinny rail for options
Combined with our interactive field devices and the game software, players are immersed in a live video game experience.

PROfessional Laser Tag Optics

Falcon PRO Laser Tag Gun Optics

Eye-safe infra-red (IR) technology calibrated ONE BY ONE on our optical test benches.
Outstanding resolution for accurate, reliable and seamless operation. One thing that can happen with inferior optics, players will think they make a successful tag, but the hit will not be registered. With the Falcon PROfessional Laser Tag Guns, there are no successful but unregistered hits – eliminating customer frustrations.

Long Range Shot

This focus on engineering quality, in the field optics has a number of benefits. The F2 Tactical Professional laser tag guns incorporate advanced long-range optics combined with NETRONICS Receiver Technology to create laser tag guns with shooting range up to 150 yards in full sunshine.

Shooting Range Scale

With PRO quality laser tag optics, and our own network protocols, customers can set the distance (power) of the shooting range depending on your games, location, player roles, or created weapon types. For example; flamethrower, shotgun, sniper rifle or machine gun.

Indoor or Outdoor Laser Tag Guns

The Falcon Professional series of guns are compatible with many playing styles and environments. Used daily in over 500 locations around the world including outdoor adventure parks, indoor arenas, other location based entertainment, along with mobile operators who require a robust, easy to use laser tag system.

Multi-Color LEDs – Team Colors and Other Signals

Each gun can be used on their own, or with headset or vest, each of which has their own set of LEDs for team ID and other signals like received hits, downtime, flag holder… etc.

OnBoard, Hi-Resoultion Color IPS Screen

In-game feedback and data are available via the built-in screen. Player stats, weapon selection, ammo, health and game information are all immediately visible and available with the high performance screen. Even in bright sunshine, the stronger the sun is shining, the better the visibility. Straight forward info, convenient position during the game, offers easy player ergonomics.

Ergonomic Design

In addition to the professional IPS screen data, the light weight design of the guns are the perfect shape for gaming. The guns feel like a real weapon in your hands, yet still manageable for all ages. Safe rubber-tip protection – mitigates hazardous injuries from sharp edges!

Adjustable Volume

Each laser tag gun individually can be set with a variety of game parameters, including sound sets and their volume. Some games may require militia/hunters who prefer to be quiet as they hunt. Other games may require greater volume for certain environments.

Extra Durable

ABS plastics strong enough to displace the weight of a car. Solid, strong materials with professional design.

Laser Tag Guns - Feedback & Design

PRO Sights For Added Fun

A high quality sight is an essential component for the perfect game experience. Your Falcon guns have great accuracy over distance, and finding that final kill shot through your scope, and making that shot is one more reason they will come back to play again.

Get a Sound Effect After Each Successful Hit

Not only does the Falcon provide a unique recoil effect for each shot, every successful tag is accompanied by a customizable sound effect. Enrich your laser game experience with this important feature and let the players get a feedback when they hit the target successfully.

Built-in Sensors

Falcon PRO series laser taggers have three built-in sensors; one in the front, and one on each side so the blaster also receives hits.

Simulated Recoil

When on the field, or in the arena, feeling that you are in the game comes with each shot fired and our unique Recoil action. Totally rewrites the laser tag experience – not a cheezy little vibration in your palm, but a full butt kick in the shoulder. Now that’s SMART laser tag.

Secondary Shot

Each laser tag gun has a secondary weapon choice that is customizable, depending on the game. Players can choose from 10 different weapons, including a grenade, machine gun, sniper rifle, and more. If you want, you can even create your own weapons from a list of 40 different variables. Any gun, any game… Falcon and NETRONICS can make it happen.

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