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Mobile Laser Tag Equipment

mobile laser tag at your outdoor park or adventure field

Start a Mobile Laser Tag Business

An easy, fun business opportunity for many entertainment entrepreneurs and small business owners is operating a Mobile Laser Tag Equipment and event business. It is a cost effective way to leverage your enthusiasm and people skills into a profitable weekend, or full time business.

Especially in today’s post COVID environment, a mobile entertainment business can be an opportunity that is easier to manage. A mobile laser tag experience can provide great outdoor entertainment for as few as four players, or as many as a social bubble allows.

For operators, using NETRONICS, along with the FLACON F2 laser tag gun, getting into the business is quick and cost-efficient. A four player package, ready for gamers is less then $5,000 and can be set-up and operated literally any where.

The Falcon F2 laser tag gun with impulse recoil for mobile, indoor and outdoor adventure

FALCON F2 Laser Tag Gun

outdoor mobile laser tag equipment including tactical fun

FALCON F2 Tactical PRO Laser Tag Gun

How to Get Started

When starting a mobile laser tag business, there are a couple of things that can help you be both profitable and set-up for long term success with the right equipment choices;

  • Resilient equipment and hardware
  • Easy to operate and set-up
  • Interesting, fun and multiple game formats

The equipment your choose needs to be designed for abuse and outdoor operation. The shell needs to have some capacity to withstands drops on asphalt or concrete, and it needs to be moisture proof in case of inclemental weather during your rental season.

Your mobile laser tag equipment also needs to be easy to operate and setup. The least amount of equipment cables, connectors and network setup the better. Being able to run everything from a single device (app) is key.

During a mobile rental season, your profits are going to be directly tied to your ability to get in, setup, operate and get out as easy and often as possible, allowing you to provide great entertainment to multiple groups every operating day.

Profitable operators can do 5-6 parties back to back during a single Saturday, and at $250 – $500+ per party, a good weekend can have a serious impact on your annual revenue. Having the right laser tag gear and transport is crucial to efficiently provide that kind of revenue opportunity.

Team & Solo Games

Typically, most mobile or event operators will run with a standard free-for-all or solo game, and a basic team game that will appease most 5 to 12 year old users. But providing a great experience for older players requires you come to the event with a menu of other laser tag games that can provide multiple gaming experiences, including some strategic, tactical gaming and the ability to play and interact with different weapon and role upgrades and other uniquely gamer requirements.

Laser tag is really a fun game for all ages, but specifically your business will occupy and appeal to a few different market segments and age groups;

  1. Group party business – backyard fun for 5 to 12 year olds
  2. Group games – older players for a stag party,  bar mitzvah or office party
  3. Laser tag games for corporate event or retreat
  4. Laser tag team building and tactical fun for a more gamer crowd


Starting a mobile laser tag business may be a great opportunity for your area and can grow into a full time, location based entertainment center down the road if you put some time and thought into your  mobile laser tag equipment choices. Going from outdoor event operator to indoor laser tag center is a path taken by many who don’t have the initial capital to secure their indoor goals, but come to the party with drive, enthusiasm and a knack for entertaining.

Laser Tag Consultation

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