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Laser Tag Services

Layout & Design

Creating the Perfect Environment

When it comes to laser tag design, the layout of your arena, or playing field is equally as important as the equipment hardware and software used.

Our group goes way back, with experience in both indoor and outdoor operations, design and marketing. Through that experience you have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on your team.

For a no obligation tour of the complete laser tag package and your potential market feasibility, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Indoor laser tag arena design and layout service

Custom Game Development

custom laser tag missions and games developed free of charge

Customized Service

Even with the ease of the NETRONICS and Galaxy Systems, not every laser tag operator wants to customize or create their own game-play. 

That’s where the added value of a partnership with SMART Laser Tag makes good sense. We are players, we are designers and we are game developers… and over the last 27 plus years playing in the arena, we have some ideas that  can give your business a market and revenue  advantage.

For all our customers, we provide a free development program that can help you create whatever game you or your customers might have in mind. Special event coming in? Lets create something fun and unique for them. Give us a call for details.

Laser Tag Team Building

Diversify Your Market

In our experience, one of the greatest unrealized opportunities for amusement attractions operating with laser tag, is team building.

The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. Operators are un-effective in their team building marketing.
  2. Team building programs are often nothing more than a group game.

Group games are perfectly fine, if that’s what you are selling. However, laser tag can also provide mission-critical team challenges that help drive real business change.

  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Goal Setting & Planning
  • Strategic Resource Management

We have a background in successful team challenges and have developed our own laser tag team building content. For those operators looking to expand their customer base, and add a few more Cha-Chings to the cash drawer, SMART Laser Tag team building may be your ticket to ride.


laser tag is a great game for team building

Military SIMs & Advanced Gameplay

special forces and military sim games

Advanced Laser Tag Adventure.​

If you would like to be the dominate player in the Tactical Laser Tag business, in your market – your first step is to contact us.

Outdoors or indoors, our team of paintballers, taggers and mission design experts have the combined experience to help you create the adventure park and role-play gaming center of your dreams.

We start with FALCON F2 Tactical PRO from Lasertag.NET, building your laser tag armory and custom weapon design to create both realism and fantasy, futuristic military action/adventure. Then using NETRONICS we customize several missions to create in-the-field role-play adventure.

To finish the package, and help our operators find and attract teams we provide a marketing package with rules of engagement.

For more information, or a tour of NETRONICS, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

Edutainment Programs

Attract school groups with unique edutainment and playful learning content.​

In many markets, school groups are a viable opportunity for your laser tag business. In some cases it may be a year-end of season party, in other cases, providing teachers with game play and content that follows their current curriculum may be the opportunity.

Following our team building and group game programs, we can provide your business with the materials and marketing collateral to attract these mid-week groups.

For more information, or a tour of the complete SMART, turnkey opportunity, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

school groups, playful learning and edutainment games and missions