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Laser Tag Party Games

birthday parties are great with laser tag

Laser Tag Party Games

It may not be the best idea ever for poor Rover, but for fun center and attraction operators indoor and outdoors, laser tag party games are a way to differentiate and diversify your laser tag business.

For lasertag business owners, getting strong cashflow in the front door from a great birthday party service is job number one. But there are some differences in what those laser tag birthday parties are going to demand from your business.

As a laser tag operator your primary market is going to be 6 or 7 years to 12 or 14 years old. Certainly the game has appeal for 14 years and older, but as any successful, community-based fun center or laser tag owner will tell you, there is good money in providing awesome birthday parties and packing them in over the weekend.

Typically, there are two popular games for parties – solo games and team games. However, if you are running concurrent parties with different party groups, it becomes difficult to run team games with one party as a team against another party. Not so much difficult, as not the best guest way to generate an excellent party experience for all of your guests.

If one group or party is 8 year old girls, and the other party group is 11 year old boys, chances are the girls don’t really want to play on the boys team and vice-versa. Secondly, if you separate the teams between party groups, the boys have a pretty good chance at beating their younger opponents.

Playing in a team against those you know and losing makes for some good clean fun (and additional attempts to play and win next time), but in this kind of an open group environment, putting really diverse age groups and abilities together into the same team game ends up not being fun at all for the losing team, especially if there is a real beating in the scores.

In this case, the operator should run a solo or friendly fire game, where everybody can tag and be tagged by everyone.

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