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Laser Tag Marketing

grow by marketing your laser tag business

Laser Tag Marketing

You know, truth be told, anybody can sell you a laser tag system. Then what?

If you are an established paintball field or mobile operator looking to expand your birthday party or corporate event market and have already been operating successfully for several years, it’s a pretty good bet that you know exactly what comes next and how to leverage your new equipment into sales and a return on that investment – or maybe not.

For new laser tag operators, the biggest hurdle once you get your lease signed, the equipment purchased, your staff hired and sort of trained, and the 101 other things that are coming your way – is how do I get a solid stream of paying lasertag customers in my door?

Of course marketing your facility in general will be in your budget and you will have a snappy website, maybe a yellow page ad, you might send out some door hangers or cover the community in newspaper 2-for-1 deals and coupons, maybe do a radio spot or two, all good stuff… but what about the game? How can you leverage the game itself to drive an army of community sales reps that you don’t have to pay?

This is the magic of our experience in helping the new laser tag business operators.

How to Build a Strong Base of Repeat Customers

Laser Tag Consultation

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Derek G
Derek G

Starting as an arena marshal in 1995.

any day is a great day for a game of laser tag.

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