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Game Experience

Creating an awesome, kickass game experience is all about your laser tag gear and your game environment, providing great games and playability for all age groups… maximizing through-put every day of the week.

When it comes to your equipment, diversity and simplicity are key to providing that exciting game experience for all players.

Game Kits

Depending on your specific business goals, SMART laser tag provides two Game Kits for both indoor and outdoor/mobile laser tag operators. Both the Falcon and Galaxy systems provide consistent, reliable and robust operation, while offering unique opportunities for your business.

Indoor Equipment for Laser Tag

galaxy quest indoor equipment for laser tag


Laser tag system for games in mall arenas or in separate premises. Game kits with realistic recoil, safety rules control system, and unique modes that will make your visitors superheroes. A set of ready-made scenarios, mobile software for set configuration, statistics collection, and game broadcasting on a big screen.

The galaxy eclipse laser tag system for indoor lazer tag

Galaxy Eclipse – A new arena class of best looking, best functioning and best playing equipment for indoor laser tag.

galaxy eclipse vested gear with tagger

Innovative design and fit for ages 5 years and up. Vest super-powers controlled with a simple touch of the unique capacitive front sensor.

Eclipse galaxy back of the tagger and vest

We call it ‘Thumper’ – the vibroEFX from the industry’s largest onboard target/sensor delivering a game-pounding hit notification.

galaxy laser tag guns

Lightweight, resilient, ergonomically designed with accurate action from the built-in Recoil. Play like you mean it – with Galaxy Eclipse.

halo laser provides bright tagging effects in your arena

The GALAXY ECLIPSE tagger shoots a brilliant red laser beam accompanied by a customizable muzzle flash in the team color, creating a very vibrant HALO effect in the arena, enhancing visibility and player awareness.

Galaxy Eclipse Indoor Equipment

galaxy durability and low maintenance
Get Your Game on with Eclipse Indoor Equipment

If you are starting a new indoor laser tag business, having the best equipment is probably top of your to-do list. If you are currently operating a fun center, amusement attraction or other leisure business and considering the addition of an indoor arena game, Galaxy Eclipse is a great choice.

  • Resilient and durable equipment
  • Easy laser tag operations
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique and expandable gameplay
  • 24/7 support and service
  • Free Software
  • NO licensing fees
  • Free updates for the life of your system

SMART laser tag by way of easy operations, robust equipment, quick ROI, and no ongoing fees.

Equipment for laser tag that will have a positive impact on your bottom line and your guest experience.

This seems like a no-brainer, but not all laser tag hardware, game play or the provided service and support are the same. Today, we know there are a LOT of choices out there when it comes to laser tag. However, not that long ago, there were half a dozen or so well know north American brands that mostly dominated the indoor laser tag business here in the Americas. Recently that has begun to change, as more and more International laser tag providers have entered the market, while having been previously focused mostly on the European, Asian markets and outdoor laser tag markets.

This is a good thing for consumer choice. As long as you know what it is you are buying, and the costs of the “complete” package; including local service and support.

That said, lets take a look at our list point by point.

Resilient and Durable

If you don’t already know, you will on your very first day – laser tag equipment takes a major beating. Drops, bangs, running into walls, running into each other, dropping your gear on the concrete floor, and all in the first game played, and every game there after. Not to worry, Galaxy has you protected.

Wear-resistant Eco-leather

The base of the vest is made of eco-leather and does not absorb dirt or rub off, maintaining a presentable appearance after years of use.

Shock-proof Sensors

The sensor bodies are made of polycarbonate and have stiffening ribs, which makes them resistant to drops and impacts.

Secured Electronics

Electronic components are made shock-resistant by a proprietary process of fixation to metal stands within each polycarbonate module.

Moisture-repellant Lining

The inner lining of the vest is made of a material that does not absorb moisture or odors. It is also easy to wipe down and disinfect for safety.

galaxy equipment is resilient
Easy Laser Tag Operations

Laser tag has come a long way since the early days, and over those years, the process of operations has been stream-lined on many fronts. Built-in equipment diagnostics, end of day reporting, one-button game start, automated video briefings, really cool member options and player upgrades, to name a few.

With the operator in mind – the Galaxy system adds a few more unique features:

Learn more about our NETRONICS game software…

Pedometer Recording

Sometimes, advanced players will hunker down in one favourite spot to annihilate game newbies. This spoils the fun for others and creates unequal scoring. Our built-in pedometer tracks steps and displays them after the game, ensuring that players keep on the move.

Anti-aggression Technology

Galaxy detects sudden movements of the blaster.
If a safety violation is detected, the game kit will warn the participant with a sound and message on the screen, while the marshal receives a message on the application interface.

easy operations from galaxy equipment and software
protected cables and connectors make for low maintenance.
low maintenance equipment for laser tag facilities
Low Maintenance

Having been a laser tag operator, I have had the pleasure (a little sarcasm there) of spending hours in the tech room combining pieces from 3 broken taggers into one that I can use. Not fun when there is a business to run, and you shouldn’t really need to be doing it in the first place.

Granted, that was years ago – and the equipment for laser tag has come a long way since. However, poorly designed cables, connectors and game software can make the operators days long and frustrating.

Armored Cable Connectors

An armored cable is used to firmly connect the vest and blaster. The attachment spots are fitted with overlays that prevent kinks.

Protected Mounting Bosses

Electronics are first rigorously field tested, then secure to protected mounting bosses with hot glue and cured overnight, then screwed to the board providing long life against the roughest environment.

Unique Game Play

In addition to hardware resilience, ease of operations and a great arena layout, driving strong repeat and new traffic over the life of your business, requires exciting, unique and evolving game play. An experience that draws players back to your facility – like the sometimes addiction players have with a new video game… they just have to get past the big boss and to the next mission.

Galaxy includes a set of unique interactive game devices that provide a wide variety of programming options, creating this ‘always need’ to finish and access the next mission gamer.

galaxy equipment with ARENA-X laser tag design

Indoor laser tag is one of the true, tired and tested amusement attractions that has been providing fun for guests and players of all ages since the late 1980’s.

Laser tag has also been providing amusement business owners and operators with solid and reliable profitability – when done correctly.

This then, is the key… When Done Correctly.

Providing fun games and adventure for your guests, while operating efficiently and profitably is driven by a a two-factor formula, combing your laser tag equipment and your arena experience.

Galaxy Eclipse (and Falcon equipment) has direct integration with ARENA-X mission-based game play.

For more information on creating a unique and highly interactive arena experience, stop by our sister website ARENA-X.

Need More? 

Outdoor Equipment for Laser Tag

how to buy outdoor laser tag equipment for your business
laser tag guns for both indoor and outdoor business
falcon equipment for indoor and outdoor lasertag businesses
laser tag guns for running a tactical indoor or outdoor business
the Falcon lux is a great choice for your outdoor laser tag equipment

Outdoor Laser Tag - Powered by NETRONICS

Outdoor laser tag for adventure parks, paintball fields, amusement attractions, mobile operators and event companies is an easy, cost-effective way to increase revenues from existing operations – or a new business opportunity for attraction startups and companies looking to expand their current activity mix:

  • Adventure Parks
  • Mobile Operators
  • Paintball Fields
  • Campgrounds
  • Indoor Tactical


FALCON outdoor equipment for laser tag makes an excellent choice in both functionality and easy operations.

tactical laser tag for adventure parks, paintball and mobile operators
Reliability and Resilience

Like the above aspects of the Galaxy indoor equipmenrt, outdoor laser tag needs to be able to take a beating across various surfaces and environmental game challenges.

Playing on parking lots, muddy fields or in inclemental weather, demands equipment that was designed for it. The Falcon system comes from an extensive background in outdoor paintball development and operations, helping ee  is the key to reliable performance.

outdoor laser tag blueprint design for equipment
Distance and Accuracy

For really exciting outdoor game play, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as grabbing your target through the gun scope, and making that shot over distance. It’s a total rush.

Distance and accuracy are key to delivering a great, repeatable guest experience. Unfortunately, for players 10 years and older they will recognize poor accuracy immediately, and it will spoil their game.

If your equipment is hitting multiple targets from poor IR management, or not making consistent tags due to poor optics, the game will generate an inferior experience and will quickly loose it’s fun and it’s appeal.

Both the Falcon and the LUX taggers and the NETRONICS system are field tested accurate up to 450 feet in bright sun light.

This is accomplished by precise camera calibration of our shooting tubes. Both the primary shot and special shot tubes are finely calibrated, with very refined optics to offer your players the most accurate experience possible.

Using the NETRONICS game application, operators can set the accuracy of each tagger individually, for close quarters engagements, or over great distance for team snipers. A very cool feature if you are building mission based games with a variety of roles and weapons for your players.

laser tag guns and our accuracy test

Field Test #6:  Headshot with scope from 90 yds.

Vests for running an indoor or outdoor laser tag center
Game Play & Options

Speaking of mission-based games, player roles and weapons,… laser tag consumers are a savvy bunch, and most have grown up playing video games of one genre or another.

We call this the new ‘Gamer Demographic’ and their out-of-home entertainment expectations can be an invisible profit-fence for poorly designed, inferior or the same-old-same game play provided by your competitors down the road.

For long term return on your investment, the ability to run a base set of team and solo games along with more sophisticated scenarios and roles within the laser tag experience are important.

Custom laser tag games and missions for both indoor and outdoor
Ease of Use

Just because your system does offer the ability to customize games with roles and different scenarios doesn’t mean it is the best choice.

If you or your staff are struggling in real time to manage or update the games, or if it takes you hours on end to create, save and modify these games, you are wasting your time and adding to operational overhead that you don’t need to be.

The NETRONICS laser tag system uses a very intuitive application menu with extensive options that is designed for non-technical users and comes with a great assortment of preconfigured games.

Additionally, we provide ongoing game development and customization for your business, and/or for that upcoming special event – and simply upload new games and experiences to your system.

Price vs. Value

When all of the above is considered, you end up with a true picture of the equipment price vs. the value to your operation.

Attract every player opportunity, across a wide demographic of age groups and users to maximize your facility or field revenue with S.M.A.R.T. Laser Tag.

For a complete review of your options and a no-obligation system tour, contact us for a free system quote or call the office direct at (604) 791-0028

value based equipment for laser tag by SMART

Need More? 

Commercial Laser Tag Equipment

Operator - Game Software

lasertag operator system software for both galaxy and netronics
commercial laser tag equipment for indoor, outdoor and mobile laser tag

Commercial Lasertag Equipment

Operating a successful business requires professional, commercial grade equipment – both hardware AND software for true business performance, reliability and player features.

Both Galaxy Quest indoor equipment and Falcon equipment represent the best in commercial grade laser tag guns, and combined with the Netronics LT Operator software, provide over 1,500 locations worldwide with expert operations, flexibility and the power to provide years of revenue and profitable growth.

Lasertag Operator - System Diversity

A unified approach to both indoor and outdoor laser tag operations – A commercial laser tag system on a single android device. Talk about convenient and talk about opportunity.

Indoor, outdoor, mobile fun with ease of operations, programming, and one-button start. Control your equipment, interactive devices, game play, scoring  and player management – all from a single handheld device.

Manage inventory, generate usage reports and get real-time notification of player activity. Output scores in the field or via WiFi in the arena to any HDMI device. Go old school and print unique scorecards with company branding and much more…

See how easy it is with a virtual demonstration. Book a no-obligation tour today.

Lasertag Operator - System Diversity

A unified approach to both indoor and outdoor laser tag operations – A commercial laser tag system on a single android device. Talk about convenient and talk about opportunity.

Indoor, outdoor, mobile fun with ease of operations, programming, and one-button start. Control your equipment, interactive devices, game play, scoring  and player management – all from a single handheld device.

Manage inventory, generate usage reports and get real-time notification of player activity. Output scores in the field or via WiFi in the arena to any HDMI device. Go old school and print unique scorecards with company branding and much more…

See how easy it is with a virtual demonstration. Book a no-obligation tour today.

Download Full Game Presets to use – or Customize them For Your Business.​

customize our games for your needs with the lasertag operator commercial laser tag system

SMART supplies new games and missions as a direct download with a wide variety of game pre-sets.

Since all arenas, fields, players and expectations are different, the Lasertag Operator software also provides an easy way to customize the games and game parameters. Create your own games, or modify our templates, then save them as your own for use any time and any where.

Start a Game in Seconds

Arrange and save your game configurations, and start any of them with a simple click.

Easily Create Your Own Games

With some systems, sitting down to create or modify a new game is like having to learn a new programming language…Ugh!

Customer Focused Engineering & Development

Our focus has always been on providing our operators with the greatest amount of game options and an easy, intuitive app to makes this task point and easy and yes – fun!

Use one of the existing templates to start, modify roles and weapons to suit your game ideas. Create your own, unique games and grab your players’ attention with regular updates and modifications. Never the same game twice!

Alternatively, we too are gamers and love creating new games. Let us know what you want, and we’ll set forth to make it happen!

Lasertag operator for any indoor, outdoor or mobile laser tag business.

Control Your Business

From Game Play to Inventory Management.

Having a great partner in a commercial laser tag system also requires intuitive control over other aspects of game management. From your equipment inventory, to player control and game set-up as well as the ability to manage any screen inside your facility.

  • Your laser tag armory
  • Sounds and EFX
  • Screen management 
  • Multiple scoreboards
  • Device control (desktop, tablet or mobile)
  • Create games quickly or immediately replay the same game over
  •  Update your software with a single click across all your inventory
  • Download new games from S.M.A.R.T. Games
  • Customize any game, any parameter easily
  • Management reporting to reconcile game receipts
  • Maintenance logs and support from within Lasertag Operator
score sheets can be printed from the lasertag operator software

Screen Management

Scoreboards and More…

LT Operator, is more than just easy scoreboard management. The application is also a marketing machine. Put any static graphic or video on any screen in your facility. Engage your guests by broadcasting a party message, or share a new weapon or role from a new game of the month.

Sometimes a group event would be best summarized from an actual printed scoresheet. Get detailed printouts for special events and team or group activities.

It’s all easy with LT Operator and SMART Laser Tag.

For a no obligation review of the full power of our commercial laser tag system, please reach out to us at your convenience.


Service and Support

It is in this final category where – the biggest difference is made when deciding on which equipment is the best choice for your laser tag business. If you have an issue with your equipment or game software, what kind of local service do they provide? Are they available via telephone for emergency support? Are they available after hours and on the weekends for emergency support? Is there a cost or an ongoing fee for that service/support?

Many laser tag suppliers today have started to charge for service and support after your warranty expires, in fact most of them mandate that you must have an extended warranty purchased or you will get no support. In some cases I have heard of suppliers demanding an ongoing licensing fee in order to even use the equipment… costing any where from $3,000 – to and additional $7,000 per year.

When it comes to service and support – be sure you ask the tough questions; is there support after hours? Is there emergency support? Are there any fees for after hours support? Any ongoing year after year licenses required for support?

In summary – when it comes to the best equipment for your laser tag business, make sure all of the boxes are ticked and make sense for your business goals.

Galaxy Eclipse

Galaxy Eclipse indoor laser tag system is a perfect blend of function, resilience, ease of use, capability and interactive splendor in your arena.

Falcon Laser Tag Guns

Falcon F1 and F2 taggers are supported by the Netronics system. Awesome accuracy over great distance with features to satisfy demanding players.

Getting Started - Costs

Costs can vary depending on the final application and your needs. If you are a new mobile startup, we can have you running a 10 player Falcon system for around $12,000 USD. Getting the right equipment for your new business at the best pricing is important – we understand this, and have prepared a number of complete kit packages to choose from. For further information on commercial laser tag equipment costs please follow the links here. Indoor equipment for laser tag and also outdoor equipment for laser tag.

For further information abou costs, check out or most recent blog articles: Laser Tag Equipment Costs