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Laser Tag Design

Laser tag profits are directly related to design

It's All About Through-put

If you have been considering the idea of a laser tag amusement center, or adding some laser tag equipment to your current center’s activity mix, listen up.

Like many activities in the fun center business, laser tag is all about through-put. The more paying laser tag players you can get into your center and through your game, it stands to reason, the better you will do financially. In creating opportunity for strong through-put, choosing your laser tag equipment should initially take a back seat to facility and arena maze design. In my experience, a facility with poor traffic layout is a recipe for disaster, no matter how many games and special effects your laser tag equipment may offer.

Laser Tag Center Design

When considering your facility floor plan, having specific and clearly designated areas for sign-in, suit-up, game briefing and score-card retrieval should be number one on your planning list. If you are offering other games and activity areas along with birthday party’s, providing for guest access, egress and staff flow are even more important. When the weekends roll around and your booked solid, giving your customers an easy thorough-fare to all of your center, party rooms and concession area can mean the difference between a stellar day at the tills, or a day of missed opportunities.

Additionally, if your party staff is fighting with congestion, getting food service to the party rooms can suffer – accidents, dropped food product and guest satisfaction can all be effected by poor design.

Once inside the doors to your laser tag maze, having a fun, safe laser tag game can be created within multiple levels of play, interactive mission base stations, a combination of large and small obstacles along with lighting and sound effects that enhance the laser tag players overall game experience.

Designing the best guest experience possible starts with a full understanding of your business goals within the local market. Are you simply providing birthday parties and open play? Or are you looking to drive mid-week, groups and corporate business as well? To really maximize your center’s potential, you must address the low attendance that falls during the mid-week.

This is done from the get go with a proper laser tag feasibility study. Click here to learn more.

Attraction Design

With focused planning and efficient design based on your business goals and the market, your chances for long term success are much higher.

Laser Tag Arena Design

Get a Professional Laser Tag Arena design with ARENA-X. 2D & 3D layouts, bases, targets, arena mines along with cool DMX effects.

Laser Tag Academy

If you are looking to start a highly profitable, high-fidelity laser tag experience for ages 5 years and up – we have a startup program just for you. And the best part… your participation goes towards your laser tag equipment investment. Laser Tag Academy

Laser Tag Consultation

Want to start a laser tag business and have a million questions? Book a no-obligation chat with us anytime:

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Derek G

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