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No Longer Just a Kids Game…

laser tag arena by ARENA-X

“…A SMART synergistic, turnkey, approach to laser tag attraction design…”

The Gamer Demographic…

We know that today the average aged video game player is 34 years old, with an almost even split between female (45%) and male (55%) gamers.

We call this the New Gamer Demographic, and if you are opening an indoor laser tag business, it is the most important demographic to LONG TERM success for your business.

ARENA-X is a completely new approach to interactive, high-touch, high-octane, authentic gaming adventure for this new entertainment reality – the Gamer.

No longer just a “kids game”, your laser tag arena should not be a kids arena. There is a saying out there – a 30 year old isn’t going to have the most fun playing in an 8 year olds arena, but an 8 year old is going to have one helluva lot of fun playing in a 30 year old’s arena.

This is our design philosophy. Our goal, our mission.

indoor laser tag arena with interactive missions
Using the advanced Lasertag Operator  and arena interactive devices, ARENA-X is a mission-based, role-playing video game inside your arena.

SMART Laser tag creates a unique synergy between your arena, equipment, devices and game play. Allowing operators to offer unique, easy to learn, fun to play custom games and new social arena experiences not available with other arena designs.

A complete turnkey, one-stop creative solution to your attraction design.

Exclusive Arena Partner

Designed specifically to attract the most amount of traffic as possible, from parties, walk-ins, groups and teams, including a focus on the gamer demographic. New, unique arena games and opportunities during the slower weekdays and evening hours, helping laser tag operators drive paid traffic seven days a week from a diverse and broad demographic base, dramatically expanding your revenue opportunities.

Equipment, design, build-out, game development, marketing programs and packages. .. ready for customers in 12-16 weeks from initial deposit.

For a complete run down and a no-obligation tour, visit our sister site at ARENA-X.com