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Laser Tag Academy

Start Your Laser Tag Business with Confidence

Market feasibility, business plan, equipment, arena design and layout.

A FREE Service in partnership with ARENA-X Laser Tag

New Amusement Business Grants

If your fun center project includes laser tag as a primary attraction, we may be able to help get the entire project funded with an applicable Government Grant.

Your project may be eligible under either the 7(a) or 504 loan programs. With our grant writing assistance and a personal credit score of 520+ your application can be reviewed and processed in as little as 60 days.


Laser Tag

Laser Tag Academy is based on our many years of laser tag operations, arena development and design, and experience with a variety of laser tag equipment, hardware, software and game development.

If you are serious about developing or adding a kick-ass, profitable laser tag attraction to your community, or existing fun center business, make sure you first understand your market – and the market potential of a PROfessionally designed, multi-purpose, turnkey, laser tag attraction.

Save Money - Get There Sooner

This is an instructor-led, go-at-your-own-pace, live at home and online laser tag business startup program in association with ARENA-X.

It comes complete with Laser Tag Business Plan, detailed instruction with ongoing consultation, coaching and assistance to prepare a local feasibility analysis and completed business plan.

A simple, development partnership between us, and you – designed to get you quickly and confidently open and operating your own successful ARENA-X laser tag attraction.

Two Equipment Choices - One Kickass Arena

Traditional vested laser tag. Expanded bases, interactive arena devices.

starting a laser tag business with the right equipment ensures long term success.

Updated tactical laser tag equipment. Expanded bases, interactive arena devices.

spaced themed arena design with SMART laser tag

Multi-purpose arena design with augmented adventure gaming.

Get Your Arena Open - Starting at $125,000*

Complete, 20 player Falcon F2 system with team bases, arena targets- ready for customers.



Laser Tag Academy is focused on helping you get on the right path to profitability with your new attraction. Feasibility, location, funding, and build-out, delivering a WOW laser tag experience in your community.

You Do Some Work - We're Here to Help

Content is delivered online as well as through on-going telephone consultations giving you the tools and knowledge to acquire the data you need, and to filter through and organize that data into your own completed business plan package.

We are with you every step of the way, through all (7) course modules, to analyze your local research and to help keep you motivated and on track.


Each program module reflects the included business plan, and provides a logical, step-by-step approach to local feasibility and final plan completion.

Each module consists of a course discussion and analysis of your local data and how it relates to the included attachments and your project plan.

Using these ongoing conversations, course materials and analysis, together we are able to design your laser tag business to best mesh with your goals and local opportunity, ensuring profitability and long term success.

Course Modules

MODULE ONE: Demographics

In our first module we take a hard look at your market opportunity. Local demographics along with any amount of potential secondary market from OTV and tourist trade.
Included Financial Attachments
– Primary Residential Population
– Population Demographics
– Visitor (tourist) analysis
– Total Estimated Population
– Percentage(%) of Age Breakdown
Projected completion: 1-2 weeks

MODULE TWO: Competitive Analysis

What does the market currently provide? Using a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats), we work together to determine the opportunities to stand out, and provide value beyond the current offerings.
Included Attachments
– Competitive Attractions
Projected completion: 1-2 weeks


Based on the demographics and competitive strategy, in this module it’s time to look at space requirements and attraction mix. How much space is required based on the demographic opportunity?
Included Financial Attachments

– Capacity Estimates
– Vehicle Parking Requirements
– Allocation of Interior Space
– Lease Cost Estimate

Projected completion: 1-2 weeks


Now that we have a better sense of how much space is actually required and what the project plan can afford, it’s time to start pulling together hard costs for build-out and startup.
Included Financial Attachments
– Appropriate Attraction Mix
– Estimated Construction Costs
– Mezzanine Cost (optional laser-tag)
– Kitchen & Service Equipment Costs
– Booths, Tables & Seating
– Startup Costs
– Project Budget
Projected completion: 2-3 weeks


Going back to the first module and our demographics, module 5 is all about revenues. Projected revenues based on guest traffic, annual visits and attraction usage.
Included Financial Attachments
– Birthday Parties
– Admissions
– Laser Tag
– Free Roam VR
– Other Attractions*
– Games (coin-op and redemption)
– Group sales
– Food & Beverage
– Total Estimated Sales


Projected completion: 1-2 weeks

MODULE SIX: Operating Expenses

Based on industry data, local requirements, hours of operations and staffing, in this module we pull together the primary reporting needed to determine project feasibility.
Included Financial Attachments
– Operating Expenses as (%)
– Staff Schedule & Budget
– Staff Schedule & Proposed Staffing
– Total Salaries
– Expense to Income Analysis
Projected completion: 1-2 weeks


Pulling it all together to project project profit and loss along with final statements. 

Included Financial Attachments
– Year One P&L
– Year Two P&L
– Five Year P&L
– Five Year P&L Cumulative Profit & Loan Payment
– ROI Analysis
Projected completion: 1-2 weeks
how to start a laser tag business with help from SMART laser tag

* Some peripheral or secondary attractions or services may not be covered in this program. Ask for details.

Laser Tag Modules

BUSINESS PLAN: Documentation

Along with the core financial modules, the document part of your plan is developed in tandem, and generally includes;

  • The project
  • Project history
  • Description of the project
  • Company mission
  • Company goals
  • Implementation schedule
  • Description of the management team
  • Contractual commitments
  • Organizational structure
  • Legal form
  • External resources
  • Market analysis
  • Market research
  • Target market
  • Competition assessment
  • Positioning of the company
  • Revenue assessment
  • Marketing plan
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Product/service strategy
  • Pricing strategy
  • Advertising, promotion and communication strategy
  • Placement and distribution strategy
  • Implementation of the marketing plan
  • Operating plan
  • Operation targets and facility capacity
  • Facility plan
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Labor requirements/Staffing
  • Implementation of the production plan


With a completed plan, your full funding offer includes build details;

  • General build management
  • Laser tag equipment specs.
  • Arena design
  • Attraction decor (themeing)
  • 2D and 3D layouts and walk-throughs*
  • Elevations and levels
  • All wiring diagrams and necessary electrical
  • HVAC requirements
  • Flooring specifications/options
  • Audio announcements and attraction media
  • Arena lighting – digital vs. analog
  • Fogger options
  • DMX EFX and Lighting
  • Suit-up and briefing room concept and themeing EFX
  • Tech-room configuration
  • Delivery & installation
  • Operations and training
  • All manuals and support documents

Support & Access

The Academy program provides any time access and support for our developer entrepreneurs:

  • Live telephone support 6 days/week.
  • Email and online access anytime.
  • Completed presentation binder, ready for potential funding partners.

The Power of Thought

If it’s to be, it is up to me… Now is the time to take action!

*Additional, refundable deposits may be required for full arena drawings.

Getting Started

Laser Tag Academy has been designed to enable serious, committed attraction developers who wish to diminish the amount of uncertainty and risk, and open their own turnkey, self-managed laser tag attraction. For those serious developers – we offer this service for free, with deposit.

Initial Development Deposit

Materials and services above are of value, and a large expense of our time, therefore, we request a $2,500 initial partnership development deposit. That initial deposit is held, then refunded towards your ARENA-X laser tag equipment purchase.

This is the fastest, most cost-effective and confident way for new laser tag developers to complete local feasibility, develop a rock-solid business plan and get started playing games. As we work through the above modules and market feasibility, if that process should reveal a market that is not compatible with your business goals or the ARENA-X attraction, refunds on the deposit will be made, depending on the development/work done at that point in time.

Get in touch...

If the Academy program sounds of interest, please feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation chat about the program and how to proceed. Call the office direct, (604) 791-0028 or use our contact form.

* Some peripheral or secondary attractions or services may not be covered in this program. Ask for details.