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Interactive Laser Tag - SMART Fun

SMART Interactive devices  provide unique games, story-based missions, objectives and tasks within your arena or on your adventure field.

Devices are WIFI based and can be fully integrated into the arena or your outdoor adventure field with a wide variety of programmable options.

Create interactive laser tag missions with objectives that must be completed within a set amount of time, in a specific order, and in some cases, by a specific role within the mission.

True, mission-based role playing laser tag, that requires team strategy, planning and execution.

indoor laser tag arena with interactive missions
laser tag arena multistation

The Multi-Station provides 7-modes of interactive playability. From team base and recharge station, to ammo and medic unit as well as armed Sentry to protect your goodies.

interactive domination box for mission-based laser tag games

Used both indoor and outdoors, the Domination Box provides 5-modes of capture and hold, creating a variety of fun team scenarios. Bright LED’s monitor team progress.

targets for indoor and outdoor laser tag

8-Modes of interactive possibility means a whole lot of fun. Put six in your laser tag field or arena and have 48 unique games right out of the box.

laser tag bomb for your entertainment fun

A cool indoor/outdoor device for creating tense military, ERT and special OPS scenarios. Team planning and perfect execution (no pun intended) a must.

interactive arena grenade for taking care of zombies

How to clear a room quickly. Set it, toss it, take cover.  Gangs of roving zombies are no longer any concern.

electric shockband for laser tag fun

Want to ramp up some big-boy (and girl) games? Offer something with a little more…. kick?

With (5) settings, this baby provides a lot of play incentive NOT to get hit.

Although “right-out-of-the-box” game configurations make things super easy for new laser tag operators, as part of our turnkey services, we work with you from day one to get up and running games and events that grab attention and help drive new and repeat traffic. Ask us for details.