Spring Tag Sale – On Now!

Laser tag equipment and Spring sale on now!

Adventure season is just ahead – now is the time to get your laser tag business going. Save over $3,000 now through April 30th.

Professional Laser Tag Guns

PROfessional laser tag guns and equipment for adventure gaming.

PROfessional Laser Tag Guns The FALCON line of laser tag guns, are a solid choice for both outdoor and indoor laser tag operations and offer a premium user experience. The Falcon F2 PRO Tactical is not just a laser tag gun, but when combined with the NETRONICS software, a very sophisticated Gamer Device.  The gun […]

Laser Tag Equipment Costs

How to determine the costs of laser tag equipment

How to Determine Laser Tag Costs? Like a lot of amusement products, commercial laser tag equipment costs are based on a two-factor formula; Durability & Resilience. Functionality, or the experience provided to both you (as operator) and your guests.   Durability and Resilience are quantifiable. Do your research, talk to other buyers and operators, pretty […]

Start a Laser Tag Business

start a laser tag business for fun and for profit.

Start a Tag Business Like all amusement attractions and family fun centers, laser tag is about attracting customers, providing an exciting interactive experience and doing it over and over again. Laser tag by it’s very nature is an exciting game experience and when done with the right equipment, layout and design combined with focused local […]

Laser Tag Design

Laser tag profits are directly related to design

It’s All About Through-put If you have been considering the idea of a laser tag amusement center, or adding some laser tag equipment to your current center’s activity mix, listen up. Like many activities in the fun center business, laser tag is all about through-put. The more paying laser tag players you can get into […]

Laser Tag Marketing

grow by marketing your laser tag business

Laser Tag Marketing You know, truth be told, anybody can sell you a laser tag system. Then what? If you are an established paintball field or mobile operator looking to expand your birthday party or corporate event market and have already been operating successfully for several years, it’s a pretty good bet that you know […]

Laser Tag Party Games

birthday parties are great with laser tag

Laser Tag Party Games It may not be the best idea ever for poor Rover, but for fun center and attraction operators indoor and outdoors, laser tag party games are a way to differentiate and diversify your laser tag business. For lasertag business owners, getting strong cashflow in the front door from a great birthday […]

Mobile Laser Tag Equipment

mobile laser tag at your outdoor park or adventure field

Start a Mobile Laser Tag Business An easy, fun business opportunity for many entertainment entrepreneurs and small business owners is operating a Mobile Laser Tag Equipment and event business. It is a cost effective way to leverage your enthusiasm and people skills into a profitable weekend, or full time business. Especially in today’s post COVID […]