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Professional Laser Tag Equipment & Devices



Equipment to start an indoor laser tag business. Including arena design and build-out.


Outdoor adventure laser tag equipment. Best pricing, service and support to start your business.


Looking to start a mobile laser tag company?

The galaxy eclipse laser tag system for indoor lazer tag


PROfessional Laser Tag Equipment and Devices.

Laser tag is and has been a profit center for amusement attractions since it’s inception over 30 years ago.
Both the challenge and the opportunity, is how to maximize that profitability over the life of your business. That’s where SMART comes in… a new holistic and synergistic approach to developing, marketing and operating a professional laser tag attraction.
Equipment, arena, interactive devices, games and social opportunities that meet and exceed the expectations of today’s amusement gamer consumer.

Indoor and outdoor laser tag equipment for family fun centers, adventure parks, mobile operators, leisure and entertainment venues.

Start Your Game...

Laser tag is a great game for almost every age group. From 5 years old to 65 years old, everyone can enjoy a great round of lasertag fun.

Whether in a solo free for all match, a team game, or some serious Militaty-Sim combat mission, laser tag has proven it’s appeal for close to 40 years.

Today there are a variety of laser tag manufacturers and suppliers around the world, however, not all of them are 
apples to apples.

Professional laser tag gear

PROfessional Tag

What does this mean?  What’s the difference between PRO and whatever else is out there? How do you define PRO laser tag?

In our opinion (and experience), the definition of professional as it relates to your laser tag equipment is a straight formula of price vs. performance.


This is the key.

First and foremost, your laser tag gear needs to be robust and resiliant enough to stand up to the beating it will take in the arena, in the field, and on the road.

Secondly, the peripheral devices; targets, bases and other in-game interactives including dynamic grenades, localized bombs, audio and media channels need to be fully integrated with your arena, allowing the operator to provide a diverse set of games across all ages and operating hours.

A unified set of equipment that performs reliably.


the game is great for all ages
professional laser tag players using galaxy eclipse

Easy, quick, efficient operations and next to zero maintenance for you and your staff.



As with many fun center attractions, when it comes to system operations, it’s all about through-put.

Getting them in, creating a memorable experience and getting them out. To accomplish this efficiently, your attraction needs a professional, holistic operating system that provides consistent, easy operations, management tools and one-button, SMART control.

Performance | System | Management | Experience.

It’s these cornerstones of capability that define the final guest experience – and it’s the guest experience that ultimately drives your return on investment.

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